Take control of your images and unlock your revenue potential

Feel free to right-click on the image or even take a screen grab (from your desktop or laptop device) and see how the protective attributes work. Mobile to come!  Also, please click on the “Share” button and see how ImageProtect is making the image shareable and trackable across the Internet!

Fotofy Image Replacement 
Image Protect has developed a theft proof online image format with in-image advertising, hot links, social sharing and dynamic messaging – Fotofy.  As an option to the standard DMCA takedown, the image is replaced on the publisher’s website with an embeddable, trackable and secure image.

It is a win-win for all parties, the creator and publisher enjoy incremental revenues from in-image advertising and advertisers are able to connect to their customers.





In Image Advertising
Through the power of image recognition, we deliver targeted ads in the form of overlays that run on top of relevant photos and graphics.  Our Ad Units Are Designed To Bring You Incremental Revenue From New Ad Space.

Seamless Implementation
Just copy and paste Fotofy’s embed code into your website template and voila, the image will appear instantly.

Our user-friendly online dashboard provides real time reports, supplying you with a comprehensive view of performance. Easily monitor key metrics such as eCPM, impressions, and net revenue.

Using Big Data processing of millions of IP objects with hundreds of different attributes, we provide full-scale analysis for our registered users.  We also track Fotofy impressions, click-through, social media shares, and related geographic, demographic data.

Effective Monetization Platform
Maximizing performance by optimizing the value of each impression using real time analysis.

Polite Ad Experience
Optimize your user experience with fast-loading, contextual, CBA compliant ads.

Content Creators


Start Earning New Revenue
Unlock the full value of your content with our in image advertising solution, Fotofy.  Convert your jpegs to the Fotofy theft proof format.  Use reverse image search to find your photos being used online, then replace the old stagnant image format (jpg, gif, etc) with the dynamic Fotofy and make money with In Image Advertising.

We collect data on the actual usage of your imagery. 
• Most popular photos
• Shares across Social Media.
• Who’s using your Photos?
• Who’s sharing your photos?


Add New Revenue Streams
Add value to your website and earn money at the same time by displaying ads that your visitors actually want to see.  Leverage your most valuable real estate with In Image Advertising and instantly create more inventories to monetize.  Add in-image formats to your site and start earning – it really is that simple!



Find Your Customers
Let Fotofy help you tell your story.  Set up cross device branding and performance campaigns to engage users and convert them into paying customers. With almost endless creative possibilities, our beautiful ads are perfectly adapted to the photos they live on. Desktop and mobile alike – we deliver animated rich media ads on all devices and platforms.