Who are we?
We are a passionate community of content creators, technologists, and licensing experts focused on the protection and monetization of copyright.

What is Image Protect?
Image Protect is a revolutionary technology platform for image rights management and protection, which seamlessly registers, manages, and monetizes digital content for the creative community.

What makes Image Protect different?
By uniting an industry to lobby for stronger copyright laws, we are committed to the preservation and innovation of future art works.

The fastest, simplest tools.
Using Artificial Intelligence, Image Protect streamlines image registration, management, protection and distribution, allowing content creators to benefit from new revenue models and faster payments.

What we do for you.

  • Simplified Copyright Registration with the US Copyright Office (link to https://www.imageprotect.com/copyright-reg/).
  • IPTrack™ Global Internet Image Monitoring (link to descrption).
  • Standard DMCA Takedowns (link to descrption).
  • IPShare™ Image Replacement (link to descrption).
  • Post Usage Licensing (link to descrption).
  • Real-time Image Analytics (link to descrption).
  • Unlimited Advice/Support (link to descrption).

Simplified Copyright Registration with the US Copyright Office
Image Protect has simplified the application process with the US Copyright Office.  We help administer the registration by completing all of the correct forms with the correct information and submitting the completed forms with images for registration. Once this process is completed, Image Protect notifies the rights owner by email that their registration has been submitted and received by the U.S. Copyright Office. This date becomes the registration date for their work. Once the registration has been approved, the US Copyright Office will physically mail the Certificate of Registration directly to them at the address they provide.

IPTrack™ Global Internet Image Monitoring
Image Protect has built a sophisticated image recognition and web crawler, which quickly and accurately searches by image and metadata to find where that image appears online.  We are experts in computer vision, pattern recognition, and machine learning.  After uploading an image, our crawler automatically and continually crawls the Internet.  The software then filters, categorizes, and gathers all relevant evidence from all websites found using client’s images.  Clients mark the new findings as licensed, unauthorized or can exclude domains from further searches.

Standard DMCA Takedowns
Any owner of content has the right to process a takedown notice against a website owner and/or an Online Service Provider (e.g. ISP, hosting company etc.) if the content owner’s property is found online without their permission. For non-commercial infringements, Image Protect has developed an automated system to send DMCA takedown notices directly to Online Service Providers.  Once the unauthorized content has been removed the case is closed and they will receive no further notices.

IPShare™ Image Replacement 
As an option to the Standard DMCA Takedown notice, Image Protect has developed an interactive online image format with in-image advertising, hot links, social sharing and dynamic messaging – IPShare™.  This new model allows us to sell in-image advertising, which we share a portion of the proceeds to the creator.  The model works similar to the DMCA Takedown notice, but instead of requesting a removal of the content, we ask to replace the image with our proprietary embed code image.  It is a win-win for all parties, the creator enjoys revenue from converted from CPM and CPC models, and the website/blog owner enjoys the use of the image without fees or penalties.

Post Usage Licensing
When an image is matched by our software and verified to be unlicensed by the website owner, a post usage license is created.  This gives the infringer the opportunity to purchase a proper license, rather than facing a federal copyright lawsuit.  Post usage licensing fees are typically 2x the original license fee, or an average of $1000. If the infringer does not accept the post-licensing fee, the case is transferred to an attorney in the country of the infringement to pursue a settlement within the courts.

Real-time Image Analytics
Using Big Data processing of millions of IP objects with hundreds of different attributes, we provide full-scale analysis for our registered users. We also track IPShare™ impressions, click-through traffic, social media shares, and related geographic and demographic data.